What can we offer you with CAD training (CAx or PLM)?

What can we offer you with CAD training (CAx or PLM)

Choose the default workspace the very first moment that the 3dexperience ekl basics AutoCAD Map 3D tool set was launched. Choose a workspace to be used as a default at beginning by clicking on the Help tab.

Switch to a different workspace when you need to. In one session, you will be able to effortlessly switch from one workstation to another.

We combine our innovative thinking and technical expertise into CAD CATIA V5 education and your project for training.

  • We create and organize workshops and courses on Catia V4 / V5.
  • We develop custom training programs to meet your requirements.
  • You can design your own vision of yourself , without having to select the training programs we offer.
  • Course levels vary from basic instruction to workshops on methodological design and expert training.
  • We design custom training courses to meet your requirements. You can choose to design your own training program or opt for our program for training.
  • as well as the production of training videos in conjunction with Tech smith CAMTASIA
  • Software for E-Learning

As the technology improves and software gets more powerful as well, there are more the opportunities for designers to develop innovative and thrilling products, services and systems.

The greater freedom to customize products can have a huge impact on the final customer.

The capability to create prototypes, visualize, and then share designs improves the whole design process from data analysis through the final design.

Utilizing CAD to model the situations in which a product is used allows designers to gain useful information for a minimal cost.

For instance, simulating the circulation of air around the car’s exterior does away with the requirement for a car or wind tunnel.

What is CAD Computer Aided Design ?

Computer Aided Design (CAD) is the application of computers to help the process of designing.

CAD uses computers to assist in the design process. This can include the creation and modification of designs (products) such as graphic designs, processing of data analysis (FEA) or simulations.

What can we provide?

We provide training and CAD Workshops for CATIA V4 / V5 as well as PLM/ CAD .

The types that CAD programs can use.

Some of the most essential applications are:

2D :

  • Autodesk AutoCAD.
  • Adobe polish.

3D :

  • Autodesk Inventor or Fusion.
  • 3D Studio Max.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Computer Aided Modeling


  • Modifications to ideas can be swiftly and easily through electronic file transfer
  • Communication with him through the client becomes easier.
  • Production of products isn’t always as difficult.
  • You can avoid costly errors.
  • Lowers costs since no additional prototypes are required.
  • Reduce time by using effective work methods.
  • It is highly precise and high fidelity.


  • Hardware and software costs.
  • A special training program is required.
  • A long learning curve.
  • More accurate information is required.

Further concepts of computer-aided design:

For the creation of 3D models with CNC (Computer Numerical Control) or RP (Rapid Prototyping) technologies

Virtual reality: the capability to create a realistic scene on a screen and interact in a natural manner.

Animation: The ability to connect visual displays in a way that mimics movement or an action.

Motion Capture: The recording of human and animal movements through any means, such as such as electromechanical or magnetic devices.

Finite Element Analysis Calculation and simulation of unidentified factors within products that utilize CAD software. For instance, simulating the stress within a welded car component.

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