Know more about selling cars in UAE

Know more about selling cars in UAE

If you want to sell your car in Dubai, then you should consider buying a new car from a dealership. The reason why you should go for a dealer is because they will give you a better price than going directly to the seller.

However, if you want to sell your vehicle in UAE, then you should consider using a private buyer. They will pay you a higher amount than dealerships. But there are some disadvantages that you have to watch out for when dealing with private buyers.

So, which one should you choose? Well, it totally depends on what you need. If you want to know about car valuation in Dubai and get more money against your car, you can always check your car’s value using our car evaluation tool, then you can buy a new car from a dealer and resell it later. On the other hand, if you’re planning to move to another country, then you may want to sell your car privately instead of getting a lower offer from a dealer.

How much does it cost to import cars into UAE?

The answer to this question entirely depends on where you live in UAE. For example, if you live in Sharjah, then you don’t have any problems importing vehicles as long as they meet the requirements set by the government. However, if you live in Abu Dhabi, then you might have to pay an extra fee for each vehicle imported.

What is the procedure for importing a car into UAE?

There are different procedures depending on whether you are importing a new or used car. In case of a new car, you just need to fill up a form online and submit it to the customs department. Once approved, you can drive away with your new car.

In case of a used car, you first need to check its history report. You can do this by contacting the company that sold the vehicle to you. After that, you need to take all necessary documents like a bill of sale, registration papers, etc., and bring them along with you when you visit the customs office.

Once everything has been verified, you can drive off with your used car.

Do I need a license to import a car into UAE? What about taxes?

Yes, you need to apply for a license before importing a car. This process is very simple; however, you need to make sure that you comply with all the rules and regulations set by the government.

You also need to pay taxes for every vehicle imported into UAE. These taxes vary based on the type of vehicle you are importing. For example, if your car is under 1 year old, then you only need to pay 10% tax. However, if your car is over 2 years old, then you need to pay 20%.

How safe is it to import a car into United Arab Emirates?

This completely depends on how you plan to use your car after arriving in UAE. If you plan to keep the car at home, then you don‘t need to worry about anything. However, if you plan to use it outside the house, then you need to be careful.

For example, if you plan to drive around Dubai, then you need to ensure that your car meets the safety standards set by the government. Also, you need to make a note of the road signs and follow them carefully.

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